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Today is Labor Day, Get Inspired!

Posted by Katharine Gulyamova on Sep 04, 2017

Today, Labor Day, you may find yourself spending a little quality time with your friends and family. You might consider kicking around the idea of a starting up your own business or trying to convince one of your friends or family members to take that first step into entrepreneurship.

There is no better time than now to get an idea moving towards an exciting or innovative new career as an entrepreneur. Ask yourself, or that person you know who has talked about starting a business, what is holding you back? From there, confront those issues head on—no more excuses—measure whether you are ready to commit full-time to a new business venture.

If you are still not convinced your idea could be a business. Listen to some innovative approaches that other small business entrepreneurs have done to encourage you to move forward:

Niki Okuk’s small business with social impact

Jack Conte’s insight on artists making salaries

Cameron Herold reasons that children should be encouraged to be entrepreneurs

These are just a few examples of why entrepreneurship is an idea that you should initiate or support if one of your friends or loved ones is considering. And if you are the type of person who would like a little more structure and guidance, visit our Learning Center’s Tools for Concept Stage to start the process. Commit to being an entrepreneur, create a plan, and then take each step one at a time by prioritizing entrepreneurship.

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